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Blazing Hot Pickle

Fiery hot Naga Mircha also known as King chilli or Raja Mircha. It's the Mountain cousin of the world famous Bhut Jolokia or Ghost pepper from Assam. 

Our Naga Mircha is sourced directly from farmers in Peren District in Nagaland where the soil, altitude and humidity is nothing but chilli heaven.

That's not all, we've used Lakadong turmeric to flavour our pickle because it gives the perfect depth of flavour to anything it touches.  

Heat Meter: 5 flames. Please be cautious while having this pickle as it is very hot. 

How to use: Goes so well with hot steaming rice, rotis, noodles, lentils, soups, vegetables. 

Ingredients: Naga mircha (hot chilli), Indian spices, turmeric, mustard oil, vinegar and salt. 

Quantity: 165 gms

*Vegetarian product

* This product is made in a facility that handles shrimp and nuts 


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